Great to see you! Let's have a guess, you're here because you want your job filled? I'd bet that you're after some relevant profiles, and that you'd like to get it filled ASAP?

You're in luck

Recruiting Barry can get your jobs filled. Furthermore, we can do it quickly, and for a price that's right. We're talking 8% for exclusive roles, and 10% when we're working up against another agency. Too good to be true, right? Well, our team of experienced recruiters have a few promises for you:

  • We'll agree with you when taking the job brief on a number of profiles to expect. We'll base this number on the profile of the job role, the geography involved and our knowledge of the market. We'll also agree to a timeline in which you can expect to get results.

  • We won't compromise on quality, if we don't think somebody meets the standards you require, we won't send them on to you.

  • If a job is proving trickier than expected, then it may leave us blushing, but we'll 'fess up. We'll talk you through what it is that's stopping us from hitting our targets, and suggest changes to help yield better results.

What are you waiting for? Give Barry and the team a call today!

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